Dichelostemma Ida-Maia (Firecracker Lily) February 2017.

The firecracker lily, Dichelostemma Ida-Maia is a fantastic bulb for the Yorke Peninsula. The foliage grows fromĀ  late autumn through winter into spring before dying down then not long after that in late November or early December it starts sending up its flower spikes with many flowers at the top of each spike resembling an… Continue reading Dichelostemma Ida-Maia (Firecracker Lily) February 2017.

Don’t Buy Daffodils to grow on the Yorke Peninsula!

  It is now April and you can go into any nursery, garden centre or open a catalogue and there are daffodils for sale. Daffodils are probably the most popular of all flowering bulbs that gardeners want to grow in their garden, and for good reason, they are truly wonderful in a massed display. Unfortunately